Do you think that American Red Cross Lifegaurding teaches adequate first aid or do you think that the class should go further in depth?

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No it is not adequate in my opinion. With blended learning a class can now be 19.5 hours ,not enough time to learn any skills well. When asked if I could teach advanced first aid or EMR to our guards as part of the lifeguard course(adding hours on to the course), I was told no, by the Red Cross. I can teach the course separate but not with. My understanding is The only exception is if the class is taught in CA because that state requires more first aid training. In fact they have their "own" course, First Aid for Public Safety Personnel. Perhaps some one for CA can shed more light on it.

I agree, I am a lifeguard and lifeguard instructor, I am in an EMR course and soon to be in an EMT course. I think that some of the skills in the EMR/EMT classes should be added to the lifeguarding class.  If someone wants to go work at a beach, basic lifeguard first aid skills may not help. This may also be true in a pool setting...

I am a RC LGIT. I am of two minds on this. First, I think that some of the things taught aren't nearly in depth enough. However, some of the stuff is a total waste of time. Especially the splinting & sling/bind info. Having personally helped numerous victims, I know first hand that if someone has any kind of injury above the waist, the victim is going to hold the injured part in the most comfortable position for them. According to the video, participant manual, and what we teach, "you should splint, sling/bind only if you have to move the victim AND if you can without causing further pain." If you try to splint it or sling/bind it you are going to cause more pain. And for injuries below the waist all you need to do is call EMS and they can handle the injury a lot better than the guards.
I know that this level of first aid wouldn't work at a beach, but that is a separate certification.


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