I'd like to know if there are any facts to back up some rumors.


Were any SVRS manufacturers involved in writing this flawed legislation?  Any drain cover manufacturers?


We have an aqua-star drain that has been "recalled."  However, because it's on a gravity fed system, they say it's not necessary for it to be recalled because it doesn't present an entrapment hazard.


Neither did the old drain...


Who manipulated the process to profit from it?  I ask because I'll make sure I never do business with them in the future.


Has anyone seen any solid reports or investigations into this?

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Look at the other discussion forums started on this topic last week and the week before, lots of opinions and information.

I've had a chance to read as many as I could find in reference to the VGB act, but the details about who was involved in drafting legislation and stood to benefit the most from it is somewhat hazy.  The most I've found so far is from AI:  http://www.aquaticsintl.com/2010/march/1003_empty.html




above is a link to a congressional hearing that a number of manufacturers of svrs and drain covers presented opinions to the VGB act.  Finding actual names of those who assisted in authoring the legislation will be nearly impossible.  Congresswomen and Senators will be unlikely to give credit to anyone other than themselves.

I may be quick to make accusations but I firmly believe if you follow the money you will usually find what you are looking for.

So true...  Thank you Jerry!

We need some humor on this, if such could occur..  For us oldsters.  Oh my, oh my Yossarian!!  What a continued "Catch 22".  This whole VBG situtation,  I think is driving me crazy!!!  How many others??
Greg, go read the stuff on the other VGB Outraged discussion... Good stuff.


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