For a few years now I have offered an aquatic internship at my facilities during the summer months. I am curious how what I have offered in the past compares to other aquatic programs. Typically the prereqs involve the usual certs in LG, CPR, First Aid, etc.; some desire to pursue aquatics as a career (this has not usually been the case); proven leadership ability.


Duties include a wide variety of activities and issues that an aquatic professional would encounter: scheduling; assistance with pre-service/in-service training; pool operation; risk management; customer service; programming; filling in where help is needed; and throughout the internship I assign them a project of their interest to be completed typically by the middle of the season.


If you offer an internship at your facility:

-What are your prerequisites?

-Is it a paid internship?

-Have you had success in targeting candidates who truly were interested in aquatics as a career?

-What duties do you assign to them?

-Do you assign them a project? If so what type?


I think what I have offered in the past has been a quality experience but I do believe that there is room for improvement. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated.


Jason Quinton

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We at the City of West University Place have our own Aquatic Internship that is currently open. I have attached a job description to this post so that you may see what we require/expect from applicants. Also, it might help you to know where to look for a qualified intern. I graduated from Ball State University in Indiana with a Bachelor Degree in Aquatics. Ball State currently has the only four-year aquatic program in the world. One of the requirements for graduating is completion of a 540 hour aquatic internship. I have tried to get some of these interns to work the summer for me, but apparently Texas is too far away for most to consider. Since you are in Missouri, this is definately a viable option. Once you have decided on a job description and pay rate, you should email information about the open position to Leland Yarger, the Dean of Aquatics at Ball State. His email is, and he is also a member of aiconnect. If upon reviewing the job description you have any questions, feel free to email me at I hope I have helped.

Thank You,

Kyle Coplen, Assistant Recreation Manager
Parks and Recreation
City of West University Place
4210 Bellaire Blvd
West University Place, TX 77005
Ph- (713) 662-7428
Fax- (713) 662-5305
Email -
Thanks Kyle. This is a huge help!


I am passing your contact information to a student at BYU looking for internship opportunities in aquatics.
NSPF might have scholarships available as well.


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