Does anyone out there have any experience with water based personal training?  One of our Water Aerobics Instructors has spent the last few months becoming certified and is eager to begin offering this service to our customers.  I am curious to hear from other operators about their experiences with this program? What is the length of the sessions? How much do you charge? What do you pay the instructor? etc.  Any info would be helpful.


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In my last job we allowed this.  Depending on the client the sessions were either 30 minutes (recovery from injury, older clients), to one hour (athletes, cross training).  We had contracts for all trainers in which the profit share was 60/40 to 70/30 in exchange for using our facility, not having to pay individual lifeguards for the time, etc.

I'm interested in how your instructor was "certified". Is it an aquatic or land based program? Personal Trainer is really loosely used now a days. I have even found PT certs online with NO practical exam. :)


I also have an aquatic/fitness/nutrution client base. It might be like what you are looking for. I'd welcome a conversation to "the how's" if interested. Just let me know.


On a side note...

I have been asked to teach some of the an aquatic courses out here, in Oregon, at the college. It will be a 2yr AA degree of Aquatic Professional. Start date is targeted for Sept 2013.



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