I tried to sign in for the keynote and it wouldn't let me!  I started trying at 1:48pm EST and It says I am not enrolled.  The most frustrating part is there is no troubleshooting phone number or email!  Hopefully I can listen to it later since it started twenty minutes ago. 


Anyone else have issues?

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Good -- I thought I was going crazy!


I'm having the same issues.

Glad I was not the only one!  Hopefully it gets fixed soon.


I started at 12:58 central time and no connection.  It says not enrolled but yet I show I am approved.  Glad I am not the only one having issues :-)

I just got on and basically missed the whole presentation. Does any know if it will be repeated later or offered again?

same here.  I was told It will be posted.


Thank you for your interest in attending the launch of the Aquatics International Virtual Conference. We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced when logging in for live sessions. We worked throughout the day to resolve some technical difficulties and streamline the enrollment process to prevent this from happening again.


All sessions are available on-demand, located on the Agenda page of www.aquaticseducation.com.  


If you experience any troubles, please email Hillary Slovak at hslovak@hanleywood.com.


Thank you again and we hope you enjoy the sessions. 


Thank you,

The Aquatics International Team



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