We have been havign lots of problems with our automatic pool vacuum.  It is a Weda.  Is anyone else having problems with theirs?  I would love to know what other pools are using for their automatic pool vacuums, and what is their longevity.

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I use a ultra max they are good but the price is high and maintenance is expensive
who did you purchase your ultra maxx through?
Lincoln Aquatics
We have both an ultra maxx and a jet max. I agree- the maintenance of the ultra maxx is expensive, and it takes new parts all the time. It seems to have problems all the time.
I have had the jet max for 2 years and am yet to have to replace anything on it. The ultra maxx can be remote controlled which is nice...but the jet max has an extension pole attachment that makes it great for quick spot cleaning too.
What is the square footage of your pool? How often do you use your vacuum? Do you have it on a timer? Do you do any type of preventative maintenance on it?
I have a 25 yard 6 lane pool with a shallow "puddle" We put the vacuum in every night and it is on a timer. The Weda has minimal maint, however we keep getting machines that are not working at no fault of our staff and we have been getting very slow customer service. They have sent us 3 new ones and the last one lasted 6 days. I am currently looking at other options.
Is there a diving well? What is the maximum depth?
11 ft is the max depth, it slopes up pretty quickly. We do not use the diving board.
Well the 11ft section does pose some problems. Obviously, you would require something that can climb out of your deep end or you will have the cleanest deep end ever but a very dirty shallow end. That is no good. So that means you are looking at a traditional robot complete with gears, drive motors and famous rolling tracks. All of which lead to downtime and headaches.

Credit to you for using a timer. Many do not and that puts unnecessary wear and tear on your vacuum.

Based of the information you have shared, I would recommend a DuraMAX Duo by AquaJet. You can find more information on them here:


I do have some additional questions for you that would allow me to fine tune my recommendation to you. Feel free to call me at 866-289-6937 if you would like to discuss more. I can then get you pricing and availability information.



I use Dolphins..mid range cost, easy to use and repair (by myself or the selling pool company). Usually about 5-7 years with average care and abuse. (like the sand in the filter...LOL). I do have one "old timer" Dolphin..just turned 10 years old and I have only spent $75 on repairs.
I have been through almost every manufacture and have found that the Dolphin is the most reliable and needs the least amount of maintenance. The 3001 commercial, while smaller than the 2x2, has been great in cleaning my commercial pools.


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