Finally time to get rid of our nylon backboard straps with plastic buckles as they continually break each and every season.  I am considering the heavy duty seat belt straps with quick-release brass buckles.  

Some concerns include the internal parts rusting once submerged in water.  

The larger buckles getting stuck under the board if an extraction is done without buckling straps first.  

What have your experiences been with the seat belt style straps? 

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We use the seat belt straps on our 7 backboards.  If you wash the backboard and straps with cool fresh water after using it (for training as an example) and let it air dry...rusting and corrosion is minimal.  If you just use it in the pool without rinsing then rust begins FAST.

Because they are they quick release straps..they will get taken off prior to passive removal..hence they wont get stuck...the first time your staff might take a few extra seconds trying to get used to them..but after practice it should only take less than 15 seconds to remove clips which is way shorter than the time to get the victim

hope that helps

I'm a fan of the velcro style straps as I can really get those tight quickly.

My only concern would be that if you are modifying your rescue equipment you may not have the manufactures support and backing if something goes wrong during a rescue. You are using an "untested" piece of equipment.

I'd run the idea by the manufacturer, by your risk management people and your local health official. If you have a quick memo that they can supply you saying they support your methods then I think you would be good. I just worry about that coming back in a lawsuit because you were using modified and untested by the manufacturer equipment even though it is equipment that is much heavier duty. A lawyer out for blood can use something like that to undermine that you run an above board operation. 


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