Yesterday there were 6 fatal drownings on the Great Lakes; 3 of them on Lake Michigan. High winds and waves caused deadly rip currents all over the Great Lakes region. There were dozens of rescues and at least 6 fatal drownings. This brings the years total to 68 and outpaces last years high of 87.
Most of the drownings occur in Lake Michigan and most of those in the Southern end of the Lake. The population density from the Chicago area is one of the biggest factors. The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project is advocating the Michigan Sea Grants FLIP , FLOAT, and FOLLOW strategy:

FLIP over onto your back and try to keep from panicking.

FLOAT with the current to see where it is taking you, DO NOT FIGHT against the current, it’s like a treadmill.

FOLLOW the safest path back to safety. There is no such thing as “undertow” the current will not pull you down. Control the panic and go with the flow.

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