Michelle Obama is talking about child obesity. How can we get aquatics in that conversation — and get some of the federal money that will be spent on the issue? Seems like a great opportunity for aquatics!

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Lobby efforts locally but backed by solid programming and some compelling research. My 4 year old will jump off the dock at the lake, climb the ladder and jump again X 50 if we let her. Not solid science but the point is most kids love water so much they have no idea it is exercise, good for them, etc.
Great Idea! We know that the Therapeutic Recreation programs are flourishing in aquatics, this is the natural next step to encourage use of our pools. Promoting aquatic recreation as accessible to those who may not want to run or participate in other fitness programs can work.
What are the next steps? Increased partnerships with schools? health care providers? or finding ways to tap in to the "Communities Putting Prevention to Work" initiative from HHS? If my team can come up with a plan, I'll share it here. What are you doing to address the childhood obesity problem?
We know the payoff for men who swim regularly - just read Steve Blair's research partially funded by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and reported at the 2008 and 2009 World Aquatic Health Conference! Watch US Masters May June issue for more on this. See the AARP piece and the Men's Health...


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