We have a family at our facility who, for religious reasons, the women must be covered up at all times. So they use our weight room, then change into another pair of clothes and go into our jacuzzi. We have allowed it thus far, but we are starting to get complaints from other members about them wearing clothes. I haven't been able to find anything that prohibits them from wearing clothes in the jacuzzi. Has anyone else had to deal with this, or have any knowledge on it? We are in Los Angeles County. Thanks!

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I think you should allowed them to use the clothes...

We have a policy at our facility regarding the type of clothes which we accept as well as the material that we accept. The policy also explains why and inlcudes pictures. If you want me to send it to you you can give me your email address and I would be happy to pass it along.

I would love to hear more about your policy, Christine.

If you want me to send it to you, send me an email  christine.archambault@ymcaquebec.org .

Its basically based on material of clothing, safety and hygene. Its about a page long and includes pictures of what we accept , we share it with our customer service desk and our pool staff. Also if we ever have any issues at the pool we can also show it to clients.


I would be interested in obtaining more information about your swimwear policy as well. What is "proper swimwear" is an ongoing issue we deal with every summer and my goal is to get a concrete policy in place. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is a sample of what we hand out but we inlcude pictures:

Proper swimsuit attire and bathing cap is required to enter the pool facilities. Appropriate swimsuit attire consists of clothing specifically designed for use in the water.


The bathing attire should be:


1. The bathing attire should be ideally designed for use in a swimming pool and reserved    only for use in the pool.


  • There are a handful of swimming costumes specifically designed for modest women. “Burkinis” cover the appropriate body areas whilst being made of swimwear material and offers the same benefits as a normal costume.
  • Traditional 1 piece suits, bikinis and/ or men’s swim trunks with a net inside are accepted. The bathing attire should be reserved for use in the pool only, it should not be worn to train in the gym or to do other sports activities.
  • examples of inappropriate attire include (but are not limited to), basketball shorts, sports bras/ regular bras, and shorts, sweatpants, cut-off shorts, cargo shorts, and/or male / female underwear and/or men’s boxers.


* If you are unsure of what is accepted please see the pool manager and or pool staff and or attached pictures.


2. The bathing attire should be of suitable material

  • Bathing attire material should in all cases be the standard. A polyester type material that does not hold or retain water is encouraged, while cotton type material is to be avoided.  


3. The bathing attire is unlikely to be a risk to user or others

  • The clothing should be relatively tight so as not to ride up if the bather jumps in, and/or fall down and/ or restrict leg movement, and /or cover eyes, mouth, or nose.
  • The bather must be able to make normal arm and leg movements
  • The bather must be able to swim or move around in the water without restrictions.


4. The bathing attire should be hygienic ( reserved for pool use only)

  • The clothing should be clean and the bather should in all cases be encouraged to shower prior to participation.
  • Washing bathing attire in between use is suggested


Those without appropriate attire will not be admitted!

Reasons given for not permitting other outer wear are:

1. Clothing may get caught in filters.

2. Clothing may become heavy and sodden with water.

3. Clothing may not be clean and hygienic/ Clothing may prevent the bather from showering effectively.

4. Clothing may restrict the bathers’ ability to be safe in the water.

5. Clothing may prevent lifeguards from intervening in the case of an emergency


Please refer to attached pictures of proper bathing attire:

Thanks for the information!

Hi if you would like to see the bathing attire pictures just send me an email, my email is above. The file is too big to upload here.


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