Does anyone in here do Community pool management? My company contracts with around 40 community pools and we employ around 350 seasonal Lifeguards. I'd love to network with individuals that are  in the same industry to bounce ideas off each other. over the last 15 years some of my biggest problems have included:

-Lifeguards having cell phones on the stand.

-Lifeguards and their end of summer schedules ( we work through the end of September and it is a real hassle to get them to work once school goes back, honestly I am staring at about 25 open shifts for the weekend, and I am really struggling to find the staff. Closing a community pool is not an option)

- Senior lifeguards not enforcing policies on younger guards.

- Customer service

-refusal to attend inservice

Any thoughts and ideas on this, given the size of my staff. etc.


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I am director of a community public pool.

if you want chat about this problems, you can contact me.

Do you use pool supervisors at each pool? That seems like the best way to enforce policies.

I work for a boys and girls club/YMCA and the city here contracts out to us to manage the municipal pool complex. We employ about 25 guards for the summer out there, so definitely not on the same level as you. We have 9-11 guards on duty and 1 supervisor depending on the time/day. We close our pool at the end of August each year before school starts because we cannot keep lifeguards on longer than that. 

Next season I would be clear with your guards what the expectations are. They must attend in service trainings, be on time, report for all shifts, etc. You can try using an incentive system (we have a guard of the week every week who gets to go across the street to the ice cream place) to promote good guard behavior. If you cannot afford to hire supervisors for each pool, consider hiring full supervisors for the larger pools and then take some of your senior lifeguards and make them a "head guard" at the smaller pools. The expectation would be that they are actively enforcing policies and promoting good guard behavior. 

Whenever you make new policies like this, you're likely to see a big turnover. When I took over managing the outdoor pool last year we had about 15 returning guards from previous seasons, and this year we only had 10. Only 2 of them had been there for more than 1 season.

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email 


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