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We are looking for an Aquatics Team Leader and having a very hard time finding candidates with suitable experience.  As an emerging field of expertise, there are not many aquatics designers out there, no engineering schools graduating a fresh round of "aquatics engineers", etc.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  The obvious is to pilfer the competition and try to steal someone good, but that's not optimal. 


Headhunters that we've used in the past for other engineering and design strategic hires have no leads for us.


advice needed!!  I'm in the process of piecing together a job description and went to the interwebs to find an example to rip off be inspired by and have come up completely empty-handed.  blast!





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Hi Cheri - With all the frustrations I've had with poorly designed pools through the years, I have been dying to go back to school to get my engineering degree and pursuit pool design but had always thought that no one would be hiring as it seems like such a specific field!! I really did not want the engineering degree for anything else...

Not that this helps you now, but if this was something i was still interested in doing, what path would you recommend? Obviously engineering degree/competency is a must. Are there other areas of study that would benefit someone interested in this field for a career? 

I realize I was NO help to your real request on here but thought I'd ask anyway since you know what you are looking for, i figured I'd ask how you get into that "path".


Brett Burns


I suggest you approach your local universities that have aquatic centres/swim teams. No doubt at least one of the varsity swimmers, or a recently retired swimmer may be in the engineering/architecture program, coaches and or aquatic supervisors would be able to put you contact with them. You may also find lifeguards/aquatic supervisors themselves who are in the engineering/architecture programs, and interested in pursueing something in their field of training.

No aquatic engineering isn't exactly a focus in school.. but there are people out there who have a passion for both. Sounds like this job would have been a dream job for me back in day... varsity althlete, studying architecture, but this type of job wasn't available when I was finished with school. 

Good Luck with your search :)




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