I just started working at a new facility and they have a large number of contaminations.  Usually about 2 each week and we have to close down and cancell lessons and it is quite costly.

We have developed some parent information and a "Healthy Waters" campaign to help educate.  We also require that children who are not potty trained wear swim diapers and plastic pants.


My question to all of you is how many contaminations do you get regulary and if you have had troubles in the past how have you fixed it?


Looking forward to your replies!


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down under in australia we have developed a concept in ancilliary equipment called a
conceptually the early trials in swim schools seems to be working.
Where can I find out more?
Also any tips on preventing?
We program our facility so there is never more than a 1.5-2 hour block of time w/ children in the water w/o there being some sort of break. This allows the children to use the rest-room and keeps them from holding it in to avoid a break in their play.
At another facility I used to work at, we had a repetitve "Brown Alert" problem during summer camp use of the pool (a couple of times a week). In that case two things helped alleviate the issue - dramatic response that made the whole group feel put out because of the situation (hot day - no pool) and a cooperative effort with counselors to take children to the bathroom as a group prior to coming to the pool. Reduced incidence to 1 or 2 the whole summer.

Currently I am the pool manager at another facility - I developed a bathroom policy for during lessons that makes it clear in writing, and in the first day orientation for parents and participants, that anyone who needs to use the bathroom during class should just ask, but it is preferred that parents take children before swimming to minimize disruptions. I show them where the bathrooms are, ask for everyone to change outside the stalls so that toilets can be used the way they're supposed to (everyone laughs) and explain re: what staff and what level of assistance will be given or NOT given etc. when parents are not here. During public swim periods we keep a sign in list of members and pay as you go patrons for each swim period. Between lifeguard surveillance and the sign in sheet, when we did have a problem recently with a suspected in water accident that was apparently trapped by an elastic legged suit and a dirty swim diaper left in a locker, I called the persons involved and had a rather frank but non-accusatory conversation with them regarding health and safety and asking for their cooperation. There has been no fallout - they continue to use the facility appropriately and all is well. Incidences at this facility - 2 in the last 11 years!

I think your "Healthy Waters" campaign is a good start. ; ) Best of luck.
Thanks so much this is a great idea.
2 a week seems quite high for "code browns" I would say that your current approach is the best. Inform the public and require swim diapers. Hopefully with some strict enforcement now you won't be closing twice a week in the near future :)


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