I've got a guard, that I think has potential at my facility in a lot of areas but would greatly benefit from some extra customer service training. Long story short, I've got a program for initial training and what the expectations are, but I'm looking for other programs or resources to go through with this employee to give them every chance to succeed.

There are several issues that are hard to objectively document. So I'm also looking at if anyone has a better system for evaluating customer service other than great job, ok or you need to do better. 

I'd love to find a really simple, easy to remember program like a 5 minute scanning strategy for customer  service. Easy to remember, easy to implement, easy to evaluate.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. 

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Great post Joe...This is an area that I think a lot of operators struggle in... young guards don't usually think in terms of customer service. Look forward to seeing what advice/ideas you get here. 

A good one.... Have the lifeguards to know the customers names...

I agree that is a good goal and standard for community facilities (like I'm at). Do you have any thoughts on how to objectively measure the performance. I can generally talk about that during an evaluation but was wondering if you had any ideas for a concrete way to measure (I've seen restaurants have 100 customer board where staff get a plaque for remembering 100 customer's names)

That's a great idea...

Joe, this is definatley an area where lifeguards could use a bit more training. At our facility we have a training program for  our front desk staff but we do apply portions of it to our Lifeguard inservices. I'd be happy to email it to you.


Thanks I'd love it if you had a program you could send to me. I'd appreciate it greatly.

My email is joseph.m.andrews@gmail.com

Why not just sit up-front a few days and evaluate, take notes, and assess a few categories you find important?  If you're not sure how to do this, perhaps you ought to either take a few college classes to brush up on your supervision abilities and understanding, or maybe hire an assistant who wants to?

I have a few categories I know that I want people to do really well at, and I will sit and watch them. I am just looking to see if anyone had a format that I really liked to be able to integrate into my evaluation system. Why invent the wheel if someone already has a good system that they don't mind sharing?

I'd love to be able to hire an assistant but there is no funding for it. I have just myself as full time for the facility and then the rest of my staff are Part-Time Lifeguards at our small municipal facility.  


At least once a year (and I try for twice) we have an in-service on Guest Service.  I firmly believe that you can train a personality to be a guard but you can't train a guard to have a personality! With-in reason of course.  Guest services is a HUGE part of my employees job b/c they rotate through the information desk. That is there 1/2 hour down shift. We do not have a FT or PT desk employee, only LG's on their down rotation.  

We also do a full circle eval 3 times per year: (1)everyone evals 2 co-workers, all the managers, and themselves, (2) managers do a group eval of each employee and individual evals of themselves and other managers (3) The Head Guard for training and myself meet with each individual employee to go over the results.  One of the components of this is a written form w/ different categories (guest service, guarding skills, teaching skills, etc.)  

I would be glad to share this with you.  The guest service presentation is on power point.  It is a conglomerate of other guest service / customer service presentations that I have tweaked over the years.  The eval system was created by one of my head guards (years ago) and has been melded over time.  I have the original one that is the basis for quite a few presentations.   

I have presented both of these programs at state and national conferences and feel confident as a topic expert (with limitations...of course!). I'd love to talk to you more about them and or talk to you about presenting at your state and/or local training. You can always email me at karen.johston@pullman-wa.gov  I'd be happy to send the info on.  We've created it, but there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Hope this will help.   


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