Has anyone found any details about the Federal 30% tax credit for solar heating system installations for commercial swimming pools? Or has this died on the floor?


Senate Bill 2899 also proposes to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to include commercial swimming pools in an existing solar tax credit currently allowed for homes and buildings.

If the language passes, a 30 percent credit will be granted to commercial-pool owners who outfit their facilities with solar heating that meets the standards listed in the IRC (1986). The credit will apply to pools updated after the law’s passage. Currently, the code pointedly states that the existing tax credit may not be given for pools of any kind.

Congress excluded pools because they’re considered luxury items. However, in a statement from Feinstein, it was noted that alternative heating on commercial pools would have great environmental benefits.

“Approximately 189,000 commercial pools nationwide use fossil fuel or electricity to heat an estimated 27.25 billion gallons of water,” she said. “If the heating systems were replaced with solar water heating systems, there would be 1.23 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions avoided annually, which is equivalent to taking 237,000 cars off the road.”

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Here's our news story about it, in case you haven't seen it... We'll follow up on the status...


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