Can you tell me about your doggies swims.  We have a facility closure and we are looking at the possibility of a dog swim before we drain the pool.

I would love to see your fliers, waivers of liability , check list for events, sponsor forms etc...
I would also like to know:
  • What went well?
  • What would you do different?
  • Organization: how did the dogs enter your building, did you do size of dog swims times or all together.  
  • Was you pool indoor or outdoor? 
  • Did you have any negative consequences ?
  • What were you positive?
Thanks for your help have a happy holiday season!


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We have an end of the season Dog Days of Summer shindig that we've done for nearly ten years.


We are an indoor pool in West Valley City, Utah and how it's set up is that we allow dogs under 25lbs for the first thirty minutes and large dogs after that. We have an outdoor gate that the dogs come in that is guarded by a lifeguard for dogs who run out, where they get their registration filled out, a doggy bag (A tennis ball, some dog treats and waste bags) and a raffle ticket. We bring in the shelter who offer vaccinations at a small cost and they also bring dogs that are availible for onsite adoptions.


We have different raffle prizes and have offer a Doggy Long Jump competition, the same dog has won the last three years... We also have a timed distance swim of 25 yrds. winner gets a personalized dog tag saying that they won the competition.

To sum up the chaos, dogs run around like crazy and jump in both of our pools, you get those dogs who WILL not get in the water, like my own and those who won't get out of the water. We have guards on stand and guards rovering to help get dogs out of the pool, because sometimes they can't pull themselves out of the water. Waste pick up is at the discretion of the owners, but mostly the guards are stuck picking it up.

Once they are ready to leave we have a shower station for them to rinse and shampoo off their dogs.

Once its over, we are closed for maintenance for about two weeks and spend the whole night after cleaning up dog fur and other stuff...


It's one of my favorite activities of the year. It's a lot of fun to see the dogs have so much fun.


I am also interested in putting together a "dog swim" for the end of summer.  My two areas that I am the most uneducated about are the liability side of things and the sponsorship.  What waivers/policies do you have in place.  How did you go about sponsorship and who did you approach (SPCA, PetsSmart, Petco, etc)?  If anyone could email me your thoughts, examples of paperwork, areas of concert, etc., that would be helpful.



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