Approximately 1 million drain covers are being voluntarily recalled from 10 different manufacturers, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today on the eve of the new swimming season. The action will affect “hundreds of thousands of pools,” said Scott Wolfson, CPSC public affairs director. Read the rest of the story here


What do you think about the timing of this announcement? How will it affect your facility? What can be done to deflect the negative PR this will likely generate?


This is a great place to vent, seek advice or get answers. Got questions or concerns? Post them here and I'll do my best to get them answered. Or one of our knowledgeable members will.



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Thank you IAPMO for all these wonderful recalls.......
This is what happens when the tail wags the dog.  That certain tails/entities made considerable money through this, well, it's just salt in the wound.
At least my experience with the manufacturer was very smooth.  Will hopefully have cover in hand today.


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