I am trying to find a video I saw a couple years ago. A child drowned, and the lifeguards had no idea what they were doing. It was filmed through a chain link fence, and you can hear a young girl tell her dad that the lifeguards have no idea what they are doing. I would like to show this video to my lifeguards so they know the importance of regular inservices. Does anybody know where to find it?

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Jessica I do no know where you can find that video, though we do have a video we use at our facility that I feel might work just as well.  It's surveillance footage from a drowning event in WA state.  We got our copy from a company called KJ Design and it is part of a presentation called "ASI Aquatic Scene Investigation: A Series of Events"

I haven't seen that particular video, but I have shown this one to my staff:


I've also seen the video that Nick recommends, and it is another good example.

It sounds like the St. Martinsville video that Ellis and Associates uses for trainings.

Although there is educational value to showing actual drownings I suppose. People making money by selling those is sad. Understanding their duty to act and protect hopefully is enough motivation to get them to train.

I use the same video that Bob posted, Yoni Gottesman. I got three of the video's from Yoni's parents lawyers, one is Yoni's life, shows him riding a bike, one is the drowning footage, and one is an interview with the parents. I show the life video while I discuss and set-up the story of his first day of day camp, the fact that he was give lessons that morning and labeled overconfident of his skills and needed to stay in shallow water. Makes them realize it is a real child who lost a life. Then I show the drowning footage and discuss lifeguard distractions. Last the parent interview, which is emotional and seems to reach my lifeguards more than any of the drowning footage I have ever shown them. Shows the father stating that he watches the video footage of his son drowning and wants to just say to the lifeguard "Do something!" Makes the guards realize the responsibility and duty they have to act.

"Touched by a drowning" , its a hard video to watch.  I actually do have my staff watch this once a year.  We are not Ellis, but I was given the disc by a colleague.  I did try and find a link for you, but no luck.   

Have you used ASI: A series of events?



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