We have issues every year with the exhaust fans in our chemical rooms.  Any recommendations on a type to replace with that can better withstand the harsh environment?

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This is most likley a problem at every facility that uses muratic acid for PH balanace. The major player hear is gas off from an open tank. Installing a tank breather system may be helpful. Basically a tube runs from the tank out to an open air space thus releaving the gas pressure from the tank. Louvers on the top and bottom of the doors for fresh air movement is good. The exhaust fans usually help but in some cases it makes it worse. The extra suction pulls the gases out from only the exhaust fan. The fan blades and hardware now get a concentration of gas that corrodes those parts. Let me know and you can come see what we have installed in our acid room. Its not the best system. But it definetely makes a difference.

The caustic nature of the gas that hangs out in a chemical storage room will react with just about any metal; however, different metals will be affected to a greater degree than others.  Stainless steel is always a good choice because of its resistance to corosion.  But do your own research in this regard.


Following the same train of thought,  A good idea for exhaust fans and the louvres in the doors to the chemical room would be to use PLASTIC or vinyl parts.  Many exhaust fans are now made of this material, and vinyl louvres can be had at home depot or lowes.


Epoxy (2 part) paint for hte walls,  floors,  doors, and anything else likely to corrode is also a good example because often times chemical storage tanks are actually coated with epoxy.  


Be sure to always have your self contained breathing tank and mask before you enter this area.  It is a dangerous place to be.  And if at all possible store your chlorine in a separate ROOM from your muriatic acid.  When those two are mixed.. a lethal gas is the product.  PS  Lethal means it is a "killer".




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