Our Lazy river started losing water and we found out it is from a section of expansion joint that fell off. The sad thing is the pool is only 18 months old. I was going to see how often facilities with outdoor lazy rivers have to replace the expansion joint and was it difficult? We keep water in it year round.

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Expansion joints in pools will probably become a chronic problem. A lazy river is more susceptible than a swimming pool. Each section between the expansion joints moves independently of the section next to it (even if the steel reinforcing passes through the joint), they are like canoes in the water - difficult to stop lateral movement. Once the pool starts to leak it exacerbates the problem by creating voids even if the pool was backfilled with 24" of granular fill. I know of a product that can help. It is a hydrophobic product. Yep, it's scared of water, when it gets wet it gets bigger. I proposed this to a lazy river owner a year ago or so. The quote had to be open-ended, the product is very expensive and there was no way to ascertain how much material we would need. He took all the research I had done (my specifications - knowledge), sent out a public bid notice. I refused to bid and I believe the pool is empty as I type this message. I do not have the material information handy at the moment. I will try to dig it up tomorrow or Friday,
I have the name of 3 products to consider: Sika HH&HHLV, or Webac157. I have datasheets if you want to contact me directly I will email them to you. I would contact a waterproofing specialist in your area. These products must be injected into the joint. I also suggest trying it on two or three joints that are in the deeper area of the lazy river. Fill the pool to an exact level above two or three joints only and monitor the water loss. Let the joints dry out and then have the hydrophopic product injected. Refill to same level and monitor the loss. This has two advatages, you can find out if it works and the waterproofing co. will know approximately how much product it will take for each joint so they may be able to give you a firm price.
18 months? Is your river still under warranty? Our warranty is set for 5 years past final completion date. Something to consider
We are an outdoor facility with a 700' lazy river. I replace all the caulk and expansion foam every spring. I do it in areas where it is ripped or seperated. We use Vulkem caulk.


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