Here's the top 10 things that you should know about the fear of water:

1) Most fearful swimmers do not experience a traumatic or near fatal aquatic experience that launched their fear of water. In fact, their fear is as much a part of who they are, as is the color of their eyes.

2) Most fearful swimmers do not know and/or are comfortable with the correct breathing cycle, "in through the mouth, out through the nose" when they put their face in the water.

3) It is unrealistic to expect or assume that a fearful swimmerwill be able to learn proper swim stroke mechanics until they have overcome their fear of water first.

4) Anyone, regardless of their age, fitness level or life experience can learn to overcome their fear of water and learn how to swim.

5) The emotional barriers that fearful swimmers must understand, manage and overcome in order to feel comfortable, competent and safe in water can be stubborn, extremely manipulative and overwhelming. 

6) A person's fear of water can be so powerful and their perspective so skewed, that even when they are put into the safest of aquatic environments, such as waist deep water and holding onto the side of the pool, they feel as though their life is in danger.

7) Fear can prevent a person from thinking, feeling and acting rationally.

8) Fear of water does not necessarily prevent a person from purchasing a home with a pool, a boat or taking their family on a vacation that includes aquatic activities, but it does increase their risk for drowning or reduce their ability to rescue another swimmer in distress.

9) As the body ages and physical fitness becomes more important to a person's mental and emotional health, swimming and water aerobics become one of the least stressfull and most effective and efficient resources that they can use, unless they suffer from fear of water. 

10) Fear can be a powerful motivator, rather than a painful deterrent!!! 

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