I am in the process of updating our First Aid Reports. I was wondering if anyone has a good example that has a section that discusses if a hazard caused the injury and how you corrected or eliminated the hazard.

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ours just says... detailed description of the circumstances of how and why the accident or illness occurred.

We have maintenance forms that have to be filled out for faulty equipment or features. it says date and time, describe condition, corrective action taken, person correcting problem, who was notified, and date corrected.
We have a couple of different kinds of reports. One each for patrons and staff for an accident report and an incident report. I'm going to attach them and hope it helps.
We were also having issues with slip and falls in certain areas, at one time. So we created a report all for it's own. These reports were then given to the Parks and Rec Director and the Maintence crew so that the main issues were kept in the fore front of things to fix.
Did you ever have any issues with indivduals who filed one of these reports questioning that if it is so bad that you need a special report for it, why have you not fixed it? We have issues with slip and falls that have been addressed, however; when you add a wet floor, high volume of guests and unattended children running you still have falls. We thought about taking this approach, but I am afraid of residual effects. Thanks!
Lets say someone cut their foot on a deck drain. When my boss gets the First Aid form the first question to me is what did we do to fix this.
I would not recommend that a report make any causal connection between a hazard and an injury as you could open yourself to increased liability. Such statements are opinion and your reports should include only facts. This is not to say that you shouldn't assess any incident and/or take corrective action, just that doing this on a first aid report is probably not the best way to do this.
A few items on our reports the might be relevant to this topic:

Exact location of accident We like this description be accurate enough that someone who has never visited our facility before be able to read it and walk directly to the location of the incident.

Injured's Description of what happened and what could have prevented it. This item is a direct quote from the injured party, or accopanying adult in the case of a minor. Typically this is the biggest give away if it was related, or assumed to be related, to a hazardous condition in your facility or simply the injured party behaving in a manner they feel was improper. Many times instead of "I slipped because the pool deck was wet," we get "I slipped because I was been running around the pool." The difference is vast.

Equipment Involved. This section is not applicable unless a piece of equipment at our facility (ladder, diving board, etc) was directly involved in the incident. If anything is listed here as a potential cause of an injury a work report is filled out to have it immediately inspected and repaired if necessary. This work report is a more appropriate means to describe any hazardous conditions found and how they were corrected. That type of information does not belong on the accident report itself.
I don't have my forms on my laptop but if you send me an email to remind me I will send you few examples I have. My other email address is jbenincosa@comcast.net



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