We are in search of an alternative to adding an additional bulkhead to our competition swimming pool.  The idea is for more deck or walking space behind starting blocks that are on a bulkhead.

I have been researching the module floating docks that are basically adult legos.  Has anyone had experience with this type of product?  Or does anyone have other solutions for my dilemma?

We would like to stray from adding an additional bulkhead as it can be expensive.  Another bulkhead would also take precious water space. 

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I would be careful with this.  You do not want to create an entrapment hazard either on top of, or below the deck/dock.  Swimmers should not be able to go into the space below the device.  It should also not inhibit water recirculation.  I would suggest you contact your regulatory authority before proceeding.

Would these docks be in place for swim meets only? If so I think they could work. The big problem is having people swimming under and around them. Without seeing how your pool is setup I'm not sure if it would work or not.


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