Foremost handbook on Aquatic Therapy & Congrats to Dr. Becker for his ISHOF Award

What are you using as a reference guide for aquatic therapy?


Drs. Becker and Cole have just published their new 3rd edition definitive textbook, Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy. Practitoners and laypersons alike have been waiting for this new edition, now hot off the presses.


And by the way, Dr. Becker was just honored with a Paragon Award last night by the International Swimming Hall of Fame, receiving the John Williams International Adapted Aquatics Award,

Congratulations Bruce! Well deserved.

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BTW, for those not in the know, Dr. Becker is also a leading researcher in aquatics and health benefits and has been recipient of a number of research grants through the National Swimming Pool Foundation --- and about 10 industry leading organizations, to fund a hot tub immersion study.

You can learn more by contacting Dr. Becker (friend him!) or visit, and click on the health icon. He'll also be speaking again this year at the World Aquatic Health Conference, this year in Seattle Oct 12-14, check out events on PGN or go to the Conference tab on the


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