Happy Earth Day! What has your facility done to go Green?

In honor of Earth Day and to help spread the word about the benefits of green technology, please share what your facility has done to become more environmentally friendly. Whether it's a major program or just simple changes, everything helps. If you know how much the change has saved you, please share that, too. Happy Earth Day! 

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in the past year we have added pool covers as well as converted all of interior bathrooms, storage rooms, and pump room to motion sensors. Next steps are to put motion sensors in the exterior rooms, and photo-sensors to turn off excess light banks in our Nat during the day. Would LOVE to get variable pump drives and or solar heaters but don't have the $
Our facility is already LEED Gold certified, but in the last year we have taken several additional steps to conserve energy. We have installed a VFD on our main circulation pump, and installed a heat-recovery system for the pool air that is exhausted outside. In all, our engineers are estimating we will realize an additional $60,000 in energy savings/year.
WhiteWater, the world's largest and most experienced designer and manufacturer of waterpark attractions, is proud to be a member of the Green Building Council of Canada, and the Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre (http://www.sustainablebuildingcentre.com/). We're about to undergo a mock LEED audit of one or our customer's projects in order to learn how to implement more sustainable practices in our design and manufacturing departments. Throughout 2010, WhiteWater will be focusing a great deal of effort on LEED compliance.
We installed solar heating systems (solar panels) at 5 indoor pool facilities, motion light sensors in offices, replaced ballasts and bulbs for more efficient ones, and watt stoppers (motion sensor multiplug) for computer monitors.
Wow - thats some cool stuff Tomas!  I've been curious about solar heating systems mainly because the pool facility here is outside wall on 3 sides, w/ unobstructed flat roof on the south side of the larger building - perfect for panel placement perhaps.  Admittedly I haven't had a lot of time to research it. 
We installed 126 pv solar panels and that way we produce our own energy for the pumps that way we saved, 165,000 kwz

Now We produced 175, 000 kwz of clean energy!



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