Has anyone had the new Red Cross certificates rejected?

Have any of you been taking advantage of the option to print American Red Cross certificates yourself?  If so what size option do you use?  Have you had anyone or any group refuse to accept the full page (8.5" by 11") certificates that can now be printed?  

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I love the new certificate system.  When the course record comes back approved I simply download the certificates, save to a file and then e-mail each student their certificate. I do not waste time and money printing anyone's certificates. The student is then free to print off the certificate onto whatever paper they wish.  This also allows the student to print off multiple copies to give to their new employer(s) without having to worry about getting their original back. 

This also allows me to keep proof that a certificate was issued. 

In my opinion, anyone rejecting the new 8x10 certificates simply isn't staying informed.

Thanks for the response Cliff.  I've been using the system for a few months, and I agree that it makes things easier.  I spoke with a representative from the Red Cross yesterday, and was told that they are only offering the option for the Red Cross to print the wallet size certificates for as long as their supply of cards exists.  The individual told me they don't plan on making any more wallet sized cards after their stock runs out, so the 8.5"x11" would eventually become the only option.  Had you (or anyone else reading) heard this?

That is my understanding.  Another way to look at the new certificates: like any other professional certificate, these new ones are suitable for framing.  Aquatic facilities can now display the certificates of all their guards on a wall for all visitors to see.

Oh yes it is indeed an effective pdf producing technique!

Unless you use Apple products. This is an IBM platform created product and since the June 2012 updates to the saba lms you can now enter

https://classes.redcross.org/Saba/  into the Firefox browser and it comes back with  

Error 404: SRVE0190E: File not found: {0} 

Now having used the system since the 'sandbox' versions (early 2011) we have always been able to use Safari to enter and pay for certificates and then we have always been able to watch as nothing happens when you go to view them in the Crystal Reports!!!! Cos it is an IBM platform build!!! 

So tell me how is a Licensed Training Provider supposed to get the certificate product now? Oh yes, that's right I can call the great (few and far between) people that are left in the local ARC offices and have them send an email of the pdf certs! That I have entered and paid for online... but cannot view! Tell me how this is making anything any simpler! (For Apple users) It is NOT! In the last two years we have gone from training a couple of thousand people with the ARC brand to less than a couple of hundred! Other brands do not work with such minutiae and our service and educational product is still good.

I like the ability to print the certificates, I also use the same strategy as Cliff, I email them to the students for their own use. I do hope that they reconsider the ability to get the cards, though. In Michigan we are required to post the lifeguard certifications where customers can view them. Posting the 8.5x11 would take up to much room, much easier to post wallet size cards.

Michigan requires posting of certificates?  Hmmmm.... How about shrinking the size of each certificate by half and then posting?  This would cut down on paper and space necessary to post.  Just throwing an idea out there.

Thanks, Cliff, we thought of the same thing. Card size would still be nicer. We have approximately 60 certified staff, so the smaller size in one display case is more feasible, especially when you consider the number of cards per individual between their Waterpark Lifeguard, CPR and Renewal, First Aid, Administering Emergency Oxygen, and some WSI. Unfortunately, they don't always combine everything on one card. The certificates do, but only if they take it all at once. For example, the WSI is always separate, the CPR renewal, and sometimes the Oxygen.

Below is the Michigan law regarding posting.

R 325.2198 Lifeguards.
Rule 98. (3) A lifeguard shall meet all of the following requirements:
(a) Be a capable swimmer and be competent in lifeguarding techniques.
(b) Have satisfactorily completed a recognized course of instruction in adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation with training in 2-person and resuscitation barriers of the type offered by the american red cross, the american heart association, or the national safety council. A swimming pool owner or operator shall post valid and current evidence of successful completion of the course at the swimming pool when it is open for use.

(c) At a minimum, have satisfactorily completed a nationally recognized course of instruction, such as any of the following:
(i) The american red cross lifeguarding course.
(ii) The young men's christian association lifeguard course.
(iii) The national pool and waterpark pool lifeguard course.
(iv) An equivalent lifeguard training course approved by the department. A swimming pool owner or operator shall post valid and current evidence of successful completion of the course at the swimming pool when it is open for use.

Pretty straightforward those Michigan regulations.  I wholeheartedly agree that having multiple certificates for the same person results in a cluttered display area.  Too bad you can't just take everyone's mugshot and post a list of their certifications below their picture.  I have done this before. 

I might try just listing their name, certifications and expiration dates if the cards do get discontinued, with a line that reads to view actual certifications ask Pool Manager, then keep a binder handy for requests. I could at least try it and see if I get scolded. What's the phrase? Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I honestly don't think our local health department checks for posted certs anyway.

There ya go!  After all, don't elevators have notices "to see certificate, see building manager" or something to that effect?

I too have facilities in Michigan and we have a certification binder.  Our staff work at multiple locations and we just have two duplicate binders. The Binder is labeled and available for viewing from the public.  Our health dept. has never had a problem with this.


I had been getting the wallet size cards and only print the big one if they can not wait.  However it has been taking 3 or more weeks to get the cards so I might just stop asking for them and print/email the big one now.

Try doing that with 150 guards.


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