What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a rest period?

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It helps by allowing small children time to use the restroom which they wouldn't do if they were allowed to be in the water for hours.
Thank you John!
It is becoming more and more important to our waterpark resort. This is after a history of it not being supported by our ownership and senior management.
Thank you Jeff. Why was not being supported by management and how has the rest period been helpfull or usefull at your facility?
15-20 minutes out of ever hour...All kids out of the water! Adult Swim! Kids get a break, go the bathroom, and rest....Lifeguards (LGs) rotate to rest periods (one LG remains on the pool for every 25 patrons), other LGs do secondary duies, etc..After all the number one reason of drowning among experienced "swimmers" is being a tired swimmer (fatigue), regardless of age! Your insurance company will thank you!
Thank you Mr.Shuman!


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