Just checking out how many of you open your facility on Thanksgiving day and the day after?

We were  open on Thanksgiving and the day after...

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We are open shorter hours on Thankgiving (like 6-12) and we have a full day on Friday....

We were closed on Thanksgiving and had a half day on Friday.

We were open both days from 8am-10:30pm.

Employees recieved time and half on Thanksgiving Day

We open for a modified schedule on Thanksgiving. We'll do a masters workout from 8-10 and laps from 8-12. The other pools in our area are closed then so we're pretty packed. As far as the day after goes it's modified too. 

We were not open Thanksgiving Day or the Day after. During the weekend we had very low attendance numbers compared to our normal weekend.

We tend to be open for limited hours on the other federal holidays except Christmas Day and likely new years day.


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