I am currently researching the minimum age allowed to enter aquatic facilities without an adult. We have been allowing children 9 years and older to enter our facility during public swim without adult supervision. I will be advocating that we raise the minimum age requirement in the future and am curious to what you do.

What is your minimum age to enter your facility without adult supervision? Do you operate a pool or a waterpark?

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I operate an indoor/outdoor facility with an 8 lane lap pool, zero-depth play pool and a hot tub indoor, and a wave pool, lazy river, slide catch pool, and wading pool outside.  We do not allow children under 10 in the facility without adult supervision, we also require adult supervision in the water for children under 6.  Our policy considers adult supervision to be a mature responsible person 15 years or older.

At our park children must be at least 14 years of age to swim without adult supervision. Children 13 and under must have an adult who is 18 and older.

We use height restrictinos verses age, age is too difficult to prove or disprove. Under 54 inches requires adult in building. Under 48 inches requires adult in the pool area. Under 42 inches requires adult within arms reach in the water. Definition of adult - 18 yrs. or older.

You can come in alone at 2 years old, if you are 42" tall... hehehe

That's right! And ride the water slide at 3 if you are over 48" tall! :)

We have a rule 12 yrs and over can be in our facility without a parent.  New CDC MAHC on Bather Supervison/Lifeguarding states any facility that allows children under 14 yrs of age is required to have lifeguards on duty.  Depending on how much of the code VA decides to adopt, could change requirements for unguarded facilities.


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