I am trying to get an idea on when different facility have in-service. The current mandatory in-service for my lifeguards is once month after the facility closes on a Sunday. When does everyone else have In-services? 

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I used to do the 1 hour per month in-services but found that a lot of my guards weren't coming. Currently I am doing a 2 hour in service once per session (every 7-8 weeks). I give the guards 2 options for days/times and they have to attend one of them. I usually do a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and a weekday evening. It's a little more work on my part, but it makes sure I get everyone there. 

When I was assistant manager at a pool, we had a mandatory monthly meeting on Sunday mornings before the pool opened where the guards got their monthly reviews and updates from the management staff.  We then had the in-service following those meetings since the lifeguards were already required to be there.


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