We have recently opened a brand new recreation center with an indoor natatorium, and are currently looking to install a wall clock in the pool area.  At facilities I have worked at in the past, I have seen humidity take its toll on several clocks.  Does anyone have a good suggestion about a brand or style of wall clocks for an indoor pool?  We want a reliable, durable, humidity resistant clock that is also aesthetically pleasing.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank You,


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Hi Kyle,


Lincoln Aquatics carries a pretty good clock, reasonably priced as well. I have had great luck with it. I like the 18" face. (See the link above...) There are a ton of companies that carry "marine grade" or indoor/outdoor clocks, the challenge can be finding one that is big enough and in your price range.....
I typically budgeted for 1 replacement every year, (I had 3 clocks on my pool deck, 1 in the guard room and 1 in the first aid room) and I always had one on my shelf just in case one died on me....then when I used the one I had "in stock" I just ordered another one to replace it. (It was only a $50 line item, and some years I used it, some years I didn't)
Hope it helps! Good luck!
Thank you Terri. This has helped tremendously.


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