Does anyone use any constant air flow inflatables in your pool?

If so, what type size are you using? Obstacle course, etc.

What company are you purchasing from? Overseas? Estimated price?

What is the estimated life you are obtaining from them with what frequency of use?

Thanks for the help. We currently use them but are looking to purchase some replacements and want to know success people have had and where they are getting them.

In the past we have purchased from Airquee (overseas) and cost has been roughly $7,000 for an obstacle course.

Anyone have any experience with Aflex Technology?

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Hi Lisa -

We recently purchased an inflatable from Aflex Technology. It is an obstacle course. It cost us approximately $10,000. So far we have been happy with it, but have only had it about 5 months. It is used during our weekend Recreational Swims at our indoor pool.

I was very happy with Aflex Technology. They were very helpful and responsive to us and our needs.

Hope this helps.


DId they help you deal with the whole customs thing pretty well? Did that $10,000 cover shipping, taxes, etc. Which inflatalbe did you purchase?


Yes, they took care of everything. Did take about 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. Yes, the $10,000 covered everything. We purchased the Dual Track Obstacle Cousre.


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