I am looking at purchasing a JetMAX Ultra pool vacuum, and I was wondering if anyone that has used a JetMAX has any opinions on them.  I am mainly concerned with durability and its ability to catch algae.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


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We have had one for two years and it works great. I can't speak for it's ability to catch algae but it grabs everything else great. 

The only complaint from staff is triple the bags to clean but to me that's just triple the area it's cleaning.


Great Discussion Topic -- I just logged on and was going to start one myself.

 A friend has the smaller Jet Max and they like it.  My only concern is with the multiple motors -- one goes out they all go out (I had the gemini).

One of my lifeguards broke my power cord on a durmax- pulled it out of the power box from 10' away  -- it still works so I can't figure out who did it.

I'm thinking about the Dolphin Wave (you have to screw the power cord into the box) -- any thoughts?


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