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Always a interesting way to see the things and it is a point of conflicts with multiple pool users...

What is your pool temperature?

Mine is 81f

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Our is also 80-81. We've found it receives the least complaints.

Our kids & seniors think it is too cold. Hard-core swimmers think it is too warm.

We may (may) bump it up a degree in the winter.

Water temp always brings up funny complaints & comments.

We recently had issues with our boiler. Temp dropped to 72. We stayed open, but warned swimmers before they jumped in. Most left, but a few said we should keep it that way. It it had dropped any lower, we would have formed a polar bear club.

We keep our indoor lap pool at 84 F and our leisure pool at 89 F.

We keep our competitive pool at 79-80 and our small pool at 87 for the elderly and children.

At our indoor facility the lap pool is kept at 82 degrees and our warm water pool is kept at 87 degrees. At our outdoor facility our 50 meter competition pool is kept at 81 degrees.

We only have one body of water at our indoor facility and it is kept at 84 degrees. Since October almost 60 percent of pool usage is on a recreational basis and this includes lap swimming.

We keep our spa at 102.

I agree with Brent the comments get to be quite funny at times. We recently added a Big Ass Fan and everyone knows that heat rises so therefore the fan is pushing warm air down. Seniors swear up and down it is making the water colder. It was added specifically for air quality reasons and has nothing to do with the temperature of the water.      

We keep our Lap Pool at 82, our Therapy pool at 87 and our spa at 103.  The outdoor pools are set for 84 but are frequently warmer due to temperature.  The biggest factor we have in water temperature is actually the air temperature.  Our Natatorium is heated by an air exchanger and we'rein high desert which means that at night the temperature drops rapidly and HVAC struggles to maintain temperature, frequently dropping a few degrees and making the Lap Pool "warmer".  When that happens we get all kinds of complaints about how yesterday the water was much warmer etc etc etc. 

I agree with Nick, I really believe most complaints are really regarding change in air temperature, not water; they just don't realize it.

50 Meter Pool - 80 - 82

Recreational Pool - 84 - 86

Instructional Pool - 81-83

Therapy Pool - 90-92

Spa - 101-102

Dive pool - 82 - 84

Ole Miss is 84 -- swim team and old folks hate it -- thus it must be perfect.

I agree it is all in the air -- my old folks think I've given them an early Christmas gift this week by raising the water temp while my lifeguards are sitting on the chair with long sleeves.

When folks like the temp take the credit.  When they think its too cold tell them Physical Plant has to save energy this week.

We have an indoor pool. We do 83-84 only when it is above 90 outside. If below 90 outside, we keep the pool at 85. If the air temp in the building drops below 75, we bump the pool up to 86. HOWEVER, we are a 20 yard pool with 3 university pools and a high school pool all within 3 miles. All 4 of those pools are 25 or 50 meter. 

We keep our pool at a constant 81f although for swim meets, we drop it to 78.

During the off-peak winter months (October-April) we heat our pools to 80 degrees. During the peak summer months we heat to 78 degrees and let the sun do the rest. All our pools are outdoors and we tarp daily.

I have one pool and I keep it at 86 degrees. I know that it is a cardinal sin of public aquatic facilities, you keep it at 84 so no one is happy but everyone can use it. For our community and where the money is at in our community 86 is going to make a whole lot more pool supporters than 84. It also gives us something to differentiate ourselves with, as we are the warmest lap and fitness pool in the county.

I absolutely hate swimming laps in my pool (and I control the thermostat), but those 6 other people who come from the next town over who have a pool, and pay non-resident rates because of our warm water make it more than bareable. 



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