killing cryptosporidium and over 650 other types of bacteria, organisms and viruses in recreational water, from spas and pools, to water parks.

Let's start with the facts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. WHY DOESN'T CHLORINE KILL RECREATIONAL WATER ILLNESSES? It takes up to 10.6 days for chlorine to kill CRYPTOSPORIDIUM, GIARDIA-45 minutes and HEPATITIS A, 16 MINUTES in ideal water chemistry and water temperatures at 77 degrees. These disinfection times are only for pools that do not use chlorine stabilizers such as cyanuric acid.  Disinfection times would be expected to be LONGER in the presence of a CHLORINE STABILIZER.  Chlorine is not the answer, (by itself), to combat bacteria in public or private swimming pools. Indoor pools have another problem besides bacteria called CHLORAMINES. Google chloramines and learn more. From the CDC, it's estimated that 2.4 million health care visits a year are because of swimmers ear alone, (bacteria in the water), which is an estimated $500,000.00 in medical costs plus the pain and suffering, mostly from children. And an estimated 15-20 out brakes of RWIs nation wide. Enough is enough!  Its time to change WATER MANAGEMENT. How ZINC, COPPER, AND SILVER can virtually eliminate RECREATIONAL WATER ILLNESSES WHILE REDUCING CHLORINE LEVELS BY HALF. 

                                               RESEARCH BACKS TECHNOLOGY

   The University of Arizona and a certified independent laboratory demonstrated that even low levels of chlorine residual levels, (0.5-1.0 ppm), are effective in treating pool water when there are ZINC, COPPER, AND SILVER present in the water.  Studies have shown that the ideal method is to use all three minerals.  A dual disinfection method, our mineral unit & low chlorine residual, was proposed after tests showed that: Two different elements of metals added together will allow more effective disinfection kinetics to be achieved.  One substance targets the surface of the micro-organism, (algae & bacteria), injuring & killing the cell, while a second substance targets the nucleic acid of the micro-organism, destroying the remaining micro organisms.                                                                                                                          for more information.   

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