I have an old plastic lane line reel on wheels, and it is about to break, but they are so expensive, does anyone know a place to get aquatic equipment cheaper?  Or have any recommendations on the type of lane reel that works well and will last for 20 years or more

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Good quality lane line reels are expensive because they are stainless steel and well made. So you will get what you pay for. Stainless steel if taken care of will last a very long time. The plastics will work well if you can get the right price, but you will likely replace a little more often.

Below are a couple vendors I'd check with. If I forgot someone please reply other sources to check. These are listed in no particular order.




www.lincolnaquatics.com (I teach CPO Classes with Lincoln, but I receive no other compensation from them for product sales)


I'd check all these guys out. Sometimes if you call and indicate you are seeking competitive quotes the prices may be a little better, but don't forget freight costs. Sometimes depending on the location, freight can be wildly different.


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