My facility has a leisure pool that we keep at a chilly 80 degrees.  Since the pool is mostly used by birthday parties, children's swimming lessons, and other rentals, having the pool temperature this low has brought plenty of complaints. 

I'm working to convince other staff that an increased water temperature for this pool is necessary.  If you have a pool that is focused on recreation or leisure, what is the water temperature?  Thanks!

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My indoor leisure pool is kept at 88 degrees.

I keep my indoor pool at 84 degrees. 

In General, a Family Leisure, or Children's Pool, should be treated like a Therapy pool.  85-90 degrees is the norm for these facilities.

If you have a natatorium with both a lap pool and Leisure pool, I can expect the reasoning for the 80 degree temp is the air handling system; you would need to keep the air temp 2 degrees above the warmest pool in the room.  Something to think about.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies everyone.  We do have a lap pool and leisure pool, but they are in completely separate rooms.  Keeping with good practice the air in each pool area is 2 degrees warmer than the water, however, the pools do not share an air handling unit, so they can be kept at entirely different temperatures.  We've actually started raising the temp up to 84 degrees in our leisure pool. 

We keep our pool at 84 - 85 degrees year round


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