Just curious what everyone's life jacket policies are. I manage 2 facilities, an indoor YMCA/Boys and Girls Club and a large outdoor facility which is owned by our city. Because they are next door to each other, it makes sense to have the same person manage both, especially when things die down indoors during the summer months. Our biggest complaint and negative review outdoors is out life jacket policy. Indoors, we allow USCG approved life vests as long as the children are within arms reach of a parent/guardian. At the outdoor pool complex however, we do not allow any kind of flotation devices. USCG approved or not. It has always been common belief that if we allow children to wear life jackets, parents will drop them in the water and go sit in the shade on the other side of the park, so parks and rec has been reluctant to change their rule. Most comparable water parks I have found allow and encourage life jacket use. What are your opinions? I'd like to gather some more information before I present a proposed rule change to the city for next season. As of right now here's what I've got: "US Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed to be used in the shallow zones only. Patrons wearing life vests may not be allowed entry into the deep end or on the slides." Our shallow zones range from a zero entry down to a depth of 4.5 feet. We also have an intermediate zone which goes from 4.5-5.5 and then the deep end which goes from 5.5-6.5. Thoughts?

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I am a manager at two different facilities. At one, we allow any children with any type of life jackets or flotation devices in the shallow end unattended, however, for them to enter the deep end, the parents have to be in the water with the child.

At the other facility, during open swims, only USCG approved life jackets are permitted and the parent has to be in the water with the child.


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