Are there are rules or regulations regarding lifeguard stands? I'm looking for a new one for our outdoor pool, and I would like a tall one that is similar to this:

We've had problems with the lifeguards getting on and off the stand during rotation, and we have a short stand that is like this that works perfectly, but our taller main stand is a pain during rotations because of the position of the ladder. Does anybody have any experience in getting a stand custom-made?

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I've never had a stand custom made and I'm almost positive that would be out of reach for almost anyones budget. 

I've always been a fan of Paragon's stands. They're phenomenal. They design with guards in mind. I'd check on one from them, most reputable pool suppliers carry Paragon products.

We have a similar stand to that (the Paragon one step that looks very similar). At my facility the flexibility of the portable/smaller platforms is really handy. One person can usually move them anywhere and they seem to hold up well. Paragon has several taller ones that may be what your looking for. I'm sure there are other brands who make similar stands. I've also had good luck with SR Smith products.

Be sure to check your state and any local codes on requirements for minimum seat height and minimum number of chairs depending on your pool. I know here in Oregon we have a minimum seat height and a minimum number per foot of deck perimeter.


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