Hi everyone. I've just stepped into my new role of aquatics coordinator/director and am trying to put in place a system for my guards to find their own coverage for their shifts. Before now, the procedure has always just been to call the coordinator, and have them find your coverage. Guards were supposed to try and find coverage before calling their supervisor, but it usually didn't happen. I want them to take some of the responsibility but was interested in seeing what other facilities do. We do have multiple pools and during the summer months we have around 35 guards on staff. During the winter we close the outdoor pools and our staff dwindles down to around 15. 

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Here is a picture of my substitute request form. our policy is the hours you are scheduled are your responsibility. My guards are required to find your own subs for their shift. Once both parties have signed the form and I approve it the shift will now belong to the guard who took the sub. The guards just go to where the schedule is and fill out their portion then the post it beside the schedule so everyone can see who needs a sub. It's also a great paper trail to have. I file these forms with my schedules so if there is any problem I go back an look.

I figured it would be quicker to explain with a quick video. Staff need to find their own subs.

I referenced a program called whentowork.com, check them out as they interface with mobile devices really well and are cost effective.


What is your e-mail? Or you can just e-mail me at vmr0858@gmail.com and I will send you a copy of what my facility has in place for shift changes.

My email is mreed@alfondyouthcenter.org Thanks!


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