Does anyone have any products they use to keep their walkie-talkies out of the elements?  We are currently using very expensive Walkies and it never fails that one either goes into the pool or is out in too much rain.  I have seen some clear bags for them and wondering if anyone has had any luck with them.  Thanks for the input. 

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There is seal tight walkie bags that water patrol guards used, Here is a site you can check out
Thanks for the info. Have you used any of these in the past? It doesn't really show how they work for taking off to charge nightly.
It's like an bag with double lips so water won't get in - as far as bag it your choice there all about the same
This is what I have used for many years. They are great bags, however, they do get small holes in the bottom occasionally.

We also use very expensive radios (about $500 a pop) and we have a few things we do to keep them dry. First and foremost we have speaker-mic on each and every radio that goes on a stand, that way the radio is secured to the stand, so if they drop the mic it just hangs there versus goes into the water. We do have one spot in our rotation that is in-water and at that location we use a DryPak waterproof bag. It works very well to both keep the radio dry, and the trapped air around the radio also provides enough buoyancy that the radio does not fully submerge when dropped. Lastly we have a very good relationship with tech at our service company and he has shown me how to pop open and drain a radio that has submerged so that there is no pooled water in it waits to go and be serviced.
Not sure what kind of range you need or if you need to communicate with more advanced radios/other channels, but these are fully submersible for 30 minutes and float - I've tested. Not great for indoor large facility (communicating throughout building), but an outdoor or small facility they work fine. 90 bucks for a pair.

Also used similar bags to above - a small piece of foam in there and enough trapped air and they can be made to float too. Saved hundreds on radio costs -- even sent them down our water slide without any problems.
We have recently converted our facility to using waterproof marine radio's. They are inexpensive and very durable. They also float and are completely waterproof. The brand we have been using is Standard Horizon and they have been great at fixing any issues we have, especially accidental damage. A link below to what we use.


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