As cruise ships become more elaborate, with tricked out pools and waterparks, should more be done to protect swimmers on board? One driven parent thinks so. What are your thoughts on this issue?

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I think that anywhere that someone is swimming in a pool (besides a private family backyard pool), should have a lifeguard.  If a facility tells you that they cannot afford a lifeguard, they are lying. How can one not afford a lifeguard? Is it really not worth someone's life to pay a lifeguard?

So, yes, I believe that we should treat a cruise ship just like a water park and put multiple lifeguards to cover the slides, pools, and other attractions.

Thanks for weighing in, Ryan. It seems like that should be the case, yet none of the ships appear to have guards. We wonder if this will change in light of some of these recent tragedies.

You would think. I am sure they have had multiple tragedies, yet, why would they want to pay someone to guard the lives of their passengers... I guess that they don't want to pay for them... I just don't get it...

How are they different than many hotels, apartment complexes, housing associations and others that are not required to provide lifeguards?

I've visited hotels with hundreds of people in their pools at once; and no supervision or lifeguard.

I suspect the ship's staffing has someone at least walking by the pool to glance at it, compared to some of the hotels, apartment complexes, etc., that may not look at the pool all day.  This happens despite regulatory rules to the contrary.  Even the proposed Model Aquatic Health Code requirements recognize that not all pools will have lifeguards

Incidently, I agree with you, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

Thanks for your feedback, Stephen. Valid points. Yet still unfortunate.

Disney Cruise Line has lifeguards at all their pools and I suspect that other cruise lines will slowly follow as we see more stories about kids drowning on cruise ships. I do agree with Ryan that any cruise ship can afford to pay for lifeguards they just choose not too. 

Yes, Patrick. Hopefully you are correct. 


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