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The recent tragic death of a Florida lifeguard who was hit by lightning while working at the top of a slide (http://www2.tbo.com/news/metro/2011/sep/15/menewso4-lightning-strik...) has left me with a question - how do we balance the safety of our guests during a storm (i.e. the need to be sure that zones are cleared before guards leave their posts) with the safety of our guards during a storm?


Do you all have written lightning policies?  If so, what are they and will they change due to this recent tragedy?

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Montgomery County, MD county policy for lightning is for all outdoor pools to close for 30 minutes after the last thunder/lightning strike.  We do not allow people to dry off, socialize, etc. on deck when we hear thunder.  Members are expected to get their bags, towels, etc. and get inside. 


Asotin County WA is a similar policy save that we allow people to remain on deck away from the pools.  We do vacate the tower at the top of our slides and put at least one LG on Lightning watch from our balcony.  If repeated Lightning strikes/thunderclaps push our downtime beyond 90 minutes we close for the remainder of the day.

The City of Henderson follows the National Lightning Safety Institute’s recommendations for swimming pool safety. Under general operating procedures aquatic staff will close indoor and outdoor pools for a period of 30 minutes following a lighting strike within 5 miles.


The NLSI Information is at http://www.lightningsafety.com/nlsi_pls/swimming_pools.html.

Thanks all.  We also follow the 30 minute guidelines, but our guards still have to clear the top of the slides/their zone before getting down from chair.


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