Our facility has been battling a "mold" problem for the past several years in our shower rooms. We have had multiple janitorial companies come and look at it, and they advised us that it was not mold, but rather the paint breaking down and discoloring due to the high heat and humidity combined with the alkaline properties of soaps, shampoos, etc. We began repainting every couple of years but the frequency of need has increased. Our current discoloration is happening less than 12 months after our last re-paint. My Board is getting several citizen complaints about "mold" and one member is pressuring me to bring in our Health Dept. for an inspection so they can certifiably say it is not mold. Does anyone else have experience with this problem, any suggestions?

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We get the same discoloration and it is a pain to control. While I have no answers, we experience the same problem and continually disinfect and vigorously scrub the walls. 

Good Luck and please give us an update if you find any good solutions.


Thats not mold.  you have a scale problem.  test your shower water and get back to me with the pH, alk and calcium readings... 

We has the same problem and after we took the mold out with bleach we painted with a hiphoxy base paint and has been working.


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