National Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician Course (NLAFT)

National Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician Blended and 2 Day LAFT Course:
This course is approved in 26 U. S. States and is the first step in becoming a Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician. This course is designed for individuals that would like to do half of the Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician Course online and half in a classroom situation (some restrictions apply depending on state requirements). Once you have completed the online portion of the class you will have 6 months to attend the one-day of classroom training. You will receive a completion certificate for the online portion. That certificate must be presented to your instructor along with photo I.D. before being admitted to the second day of training.

At the conclusion of the course individuals must score 70% or higher on a 50 question test, to include your States Regulations/Codes in order to be certified by the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association.

  • We also offer Private Instruction for Commercial/Residental Pool owners.
  • We can also provide Aquatic Facility Risk Management (Commerical and Residental)

Contact us for more informationon about becoming a NLAFT or help with your poo/spal.

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Question: What is the benefit of this program versus the CPO or AFO programs? How is it different?

Full disclosure: I am a NSPF Instructor so I am biased towards CPO training. But I am actually interested in other programs. 

The program(s) are pretty much the same. I am also CPO/SPA Operator for several states. We focus more on the practicle operations as well as theory. CPO/SPA Operator is a type of trade name so we had to call it something else. Gotta love them lawyers.

Sweet, that is good to know.


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