We are currently looking into some programs to bring in new members to our facility. Currently, we have the basic array of water aerobics and lap swims. We have fairly good attendance for these programs, but we want to target younger (15-35) patrons to come in and use the facility. Some ideas we have had include:

Aqua boot camp-intense aerobic/crosstraining class

Triathalon training course-partnering with a local biking/running group to help triathaletes

Aqua Zumba-we've tried this one in the past with very limited success

Any other ideas? We want to bring in new people who have the potential of becoming lifelong members. I am open to anything that might break from the norm of water aerobics and lap swim.

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I'm always on the lookout for new programs!  We rarely have success with our aquatic fitness programs, but we do run some traditional things like learn to swim and Masters.  The University of Cincinnati has a club swim team and a club triathlon team, so it wouldn't be productive for us to try to compete with those.  We try to go outside the box for some of our events.  We've looked at cardboard boat races, but we're concerned about the amount of debris that would get in the pool.  We've hosted Battleship, which is a ton of fun, and we've gotten a good deal of people into the facility for it.  Click here if you'd like to see a video from one of them.  I'd love to hear what other ideas people have!

Thats a really cool idea. Might work well for our college nights. Thanks!

First, your age range is a huge range that is like 4 demographics in one. Focus on one subgroup in there and work to improve it. I think it will be tough to get a program that builds engagement that will draw them all in.

Two Ideas

-Dive in movie night. Get a movie license (I use swank.com - name sounds funny but they are legit) Depending on you audience size they will charge different rates and have different movies available. Pick an age appropriate movie (How to train your dragon won't work for 15-35 year olds but, something nostlagic may work for 30 year olds (My wife and I fall in this demo, 10 things I hate about you comes to mind,) For 15-18 year olds pick something that is popular right now (Hunger Games? - I don't know but I'll ask my staff).
-Amazing Race like event- I know some agencies around me run an amazing race like challenge that has participants going all over town or campus to participate in challenges. I think you could go a lot of different directions with it depending on who you wanted to draw in.

-Something I would keep in mind is that somewhere around 26 through your 35 year old demo is starting to be parents with young children in a ton of cases. You either need to focus on making it a date night get away program, or a family friendly event.

If you want to talk more about these let me know. I can go into a bit more detail on what I know.

15-35 is the age range we want to bring in, but not necessarily through 1 program. Just looking for ideas. Thanks for the suggestions


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