The summer season is about to start and  the weather doesn't want to warm up just yet in CO. I was wondering what is the minimum temperature do you allow an outdoor pool to open when the pool is heated. I am thinking until the weather starts to warm up, the pool will be heated to 88 degrees. Just no sure if need to wait till 70 degree out to open the pool, 65 or anything below 60 stay closed. The pool is just a neighborhood recreation facility pool

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Last year on opening day our outdoor pool was 58 degrees and the air was just above 70. We do not heat our pool, so whatever temperature it is is what we swim in. Why do you heat the water so high if you don't mind me asking? For an outdoor pool heating to 88 degrees must use a TON of energy and can't be very efficient.  

Our YMCA's SwimFit Masters swimmers would not go out in our unheated family rec pool with 2 25-yard lap lanes until the temperature reached 58 degrees Fahrenheit this year.  Then they would go warm up in the indoor pool (83 degrees) and go out after that for one or two sets, then come back in.  Now that it's summer they go out as soon as they can to swim laps during practice, even without the coach because they love it outdoors so much so briefly during summer in New England! The pool is usually in the range of 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit at this point in the summer. 

For families with children, that's another story--- they like it when it's 78 and above.  The beach water is only 67 now so 78 is vastly more comfortable!

Why 88f? That is high for indoor never mind outdoors.

I'd say open the pool when the outdoor temperature is high enough that heating won't break the budget. Do you have any solar or geothermal heating or is it purely electric/gas heat?


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