We are looking at updating our format for our part time staff evaluation.

We would love to learn from you succusses.  Do you have a part time evlauations for Lifeguard, Swim Instructors, water fitness, and Head guards that you would be willing to share?


We have in the past done seasonal evaluations but are open to looking at different formats-

Please send or post to me:


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We do seasonal evaluations too, but just implemented head guard evaluations for the lifeguards at the beginning of the summer season. Each lifeguard evaluates each head guard on a likert scale (1 bad - 5 excellent).  The head guards then have to maintain a 4.25 average score to maintain their head guard status.  If a lifeguard scores a head guard at a 3 or lower, a comment must be given on why they were given that score, otherwise that score is thrown out.  Each head guard is brought in and given a typed up report of their average score and comments. 

There was resistance from the head guards at first, but their motivation to make the lifeguard staff happier and productive had a positive impact. We have a more positive and efficient head guard staff now.

I am in the middle of doing evaluations for all my lifeguards - it is my first time doing this at this particular facility, so I am sticking to lifeguards for now; but, may do swim instructors in the spring. I do not have any head guards at this time.


They all have to sign a code of conduct prior to working, so they are evaulated on that, appearence, proffessionalism, enforcing and adhering to pool rules, knowledge of skills (LG/FA/CPR), showing up on time, getting a sub in advance, etc. I will probably add communication and seperate LG, FA, CPR, and Scanning into their own catigories for the spring evaluations. Each question is rated 1-5 (5 exceptional, 1 very poor, 3 average) and then there is a comment space at the bottom where I explain what they are doing well and 1 specific thing for them to improve on. We both sign it and I keep a copy in their file and they get to keep a copy as well.


I have been administering a quiz (not pass/fail, just a learning tool - I go over all the answers with them and give them a corrected copy of the quiz for their reference). The quiz focuses on things harder to assess during in-service like first aid for sudden illnesses (and signs/symptoms), CPR/AED, EAP (specific to our facility) etc. This is two fold - it helps them learn and also shows me what they may need additional training on. I plan to administer the quiz again in a few months and see if they have improved - also to refresh them some.





For those with year round pools do you evaluate several times a year or only once a year?


Please keep the info coming!




Sabrina, I hope you don't mind me adding on to your question  . . . .


Do any of you have your staff evaluate you/the facility/program etc.? I had not included that as part of my evaluations; but, now that I am almost finished I think I may tweak the form a bit before the sprign evaluations and have a section for them to evaluate themself, a section for me to evaluate them, and then a section for them to evaluate management/facilty etc. and offer suggestions. I have been verbally discussing with the lifeguards and they have been presenting so many ideas and suggestions; some I think might be hard to implement with just me reporting what they are saying, so I am thinking it would be worth while to have them actually answer a few questions about management/facility during their evaluations next time. Of course, I would keep these questions "non-confrontational" (I would try to avoid any questions that clearly reflect on me as their supervisor because I realize those may not be answered honestly).


Anyway, just curious if anyone is doing that and what kinds of questions you have on there?


I am so impressed with how much thought my staff puts into things - at least 60-70% of the guards I have evaluated have brought up really important issues (and solutions!) that I would like to address - some of which I am completely unaware because I am only here "administrative hours" (at least on a regular basis) and I also do not see all of my staff very often, or have time to talk to them before/after their shifts (and some I feel were just uncomfortable coming to me with suggestions without being specifically invited).


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