Pool closed after drowned woman not found for 2 days

This is an incredible story about a women who drowned in a public pool and was not discovered for days! It is really an unthinkable tragedy for her family and community. We must support, supervise and train lifeguards to prevent this from happening.



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Hi Melanie,

There is already a thread on this topic (but I'm not sure exactly where) I'm still trying to navigate the site. Here is a link http://aiconnect.ning.com/group/lifeguardlink/forum/topics/how-coul...

While the media focus is on the lifeguards your absolutely correct that this is a failure of a higher magnitude. Well trained and supported guards would never allow a pool to open without complete visibility. Well trained guards would make a through search of the pool at the first report of a submersion.
The report also states that the woman was found by people using the pool after-hours: failing to keep the pool secure is another huge liability problem. This was a failure on so many levels.


Thanks Bob - that is the point I am trying to make - it is easy to throw the lifeguards under the bus as the media did, but where were the supervisors and upper management?  I will got the other link - I did not see it before (still working on learning this site).


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