Hey folks,

I'm helping my HOA with getting a new pool sign. It's a small pool (3-6 ft deep), and there are no lifeguards.

Are there recommendations for a condensed verbiage of pool rules? With the length of the one we have, I don't think anybody actually reads the rules. If we only have 4-5 bold rules to follow, they will be very clear and easier to follow.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Pool hours are 9:00am-10:00pm daily

No lifeguard on duty; all persons using pool do so at their own risk

Children under 18 are welcome with adult supervision

No pets or glass are allowed in the pool area

Are there any rules that we legally need to have written out? Do you foresee any real issues that could come up with leaving old rules off? I've included a picture of the current sign that's being replaced.



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